Company history
Dieter Kurt Veitengruber

Dieter Veitengruber: How it all began: From the idea to the foundation of MRC

“In 1986, when I left Procter & Gamble for Nielsen after 21 years as Managing Director Marketing & Sales I for the first time realized what is daily reality in many market research departments and was shocked at the high pressure on market researchers in for the most part very small departments compared to the liberally staffed and equipped market research function at P&G. One of the negative effects of this overload was that market research results were very little used to support management decisions. At Johnson & Johnson (J&J), one of my customers, I met Roland Jeannet, whom I knew from Procter & Gamble and who was now Managing Director of J&J in Germany. With him I discussed my view of the situation in corporate market research. He not only confirmed my impressions but asked me to do something to change this state of things. Backed up by this customer input I developed for Nielsen the business unit concept of “Outsourcing the corporate market research function“, which we first introduced at Johnson & Johnson in Germany. Nielsen was the partner in this outsourcing, under my supervision. We were free to choose the agencies and service providers except for those services that were part of the Nielsen portfolio. We introduced a market research planning process that focussed on the actions to be taken subsequently and on the business decisions for which the study results would be used. For each research project it now had to be defined beforehand for which decisions it would be used and which decision parameters would be applied. Before launch, each project was once more critically reviewed. Only if all „stakeholders“, often including the General Management, were agreed would the study be carried out. Nielsen tried to market this concept of outsourcing more widely, but with very limited success since many customers feared to become overly dependent on Nielsen. I left Nielsen in 1995 because of incompatible positions on strategy. Those of Nielsen’s customers who were using the outsourcing approach at the time wanted to continue the co-operation with me. Nielsen agreed to this part‘s of the business being transferred to my company MRC. That is when the history of MRC, then called “MRC Market Research Consulting” had its start in 1995. In 2007 we changed the name to “MRC Managing Research for Companies” because even from the start the term “consulting” did not adequately describe the MRC approach of outsourcing. So I had the good fortune to have three clients right from the founding of my company: J&J Germany with Roland Jeannet as General Manager, Freudenberg Haushaltsprodukte with Dr. Klaus Peter Meier as Marketing Director and SC Johnson Deutschland with Luca Marighetti as Marketing Director. They all very much appreciated about MRC that our researchers not only work as professional corporate market researchers who are very familiar with the wide field of market research methods and agencies but in particular also that our approach is fact and insight driven and that we therefore are able to give marketing clear recommendations for actions to be taken. I did not achieve this all by myself, but from the beginning had a colleague in Nuremberg (Stephanie Grootenhuis) and a staff of three (Kerstin Wegener, Keilly Withman and Bettina Müller) in Sulzbach near Frankfurt, where we at first sub-rented office space but then very quickly rented our own offices, also in Sulzbach. For we grew fast: especially when Roland Jeannet went to Ciba Geigy, which later became Novartis, as CEO Consumer Health Care. This fast growth was also a prerequisite for our first customers’ being able to transfer their market research to us in its entirety and in return still to obtain from us that type of professional, specialized market research management that normally only corporations of a certain size are able to afford.“
Facts and figures

2015: 20 years of MRC

31 permanent employees in three local offices

Eight years of average length of service

16 employees with more than ten years of professional experience

350+ years of market research experience in total by the MRC Team

On average 10 days of professional training annually for each of our employees

Studies managed in 70 countries

150+ clients over the years

Market research for 400+ brands

60+ Innovation Workshops carried out for 30+ brands in 20+ categories

300+ client trainings carried out, with 5000+ employees of our customers trained in 14 countries

The Team

Dürr, Martina
King, Anna-Christina
Krisch, Felix
Loistl, Stefanie
Meyer, Benita
Morand, Dawn
Pfetsch, Janina
Pollinger, Elke
Rosenbauer, Julia
Schaller, Sabine
Simbeck, Yvonne
Stammer, Gaby
Tigani, Evangelia
Volk, Kerstin

The Management

Langmann, Monika
Thyssen, Wolfgang
Wehde Dr., Susanne

Cooperation Partners
ugw_logo Professional innovation and market research management by itself is not enough to be successful in the market, an essential part is also played by marketing. UGW offers its customers full service marketing in the areas consulting, communication, promotion and sales. inbusinessforyou Sales, marketing, strategy consulting and the realization of innovation projects, communication, positioning as well as product and product range design.
childaid-logo Since 2008 MRC has been supporting the aid projects of Childaid Network, an organization that supports children and teenagers who live in remote villages and poor quarters and who have no access to education or to any kind of professional training. To open new perspectives effectively and sustainably for these needy children Childaid Network funds educational projects from crèches to professional education to put young people in a position to improve their situation on their own. labdoo-logo MRC also regularly supports the aid project, a world-wide, private initiative by volunteers who collect unused, discarded laptops, tablets and ebook readers and make them available to schools or child and youth projects all over the world free of charge.